Dan ShawDan Shaw is a photographer from Shaw, near Oldham, Manchester who only discovered his love of photography in his late 30’s.

A keen explorer of the British countryside and coastlines, the development of decent quality cameraphones sparked Dan’s interest in photography as he now had a quick and convenient method of capturing the natural beauty abundant in the British Isles.

A self confessed Instagram addict, the photo-sharing app gave Dan the confidence to continue taking photos and share them not only with friends and family but also with strangers on a worldwide basis.

Totally self taught, Dan is still very much a point and shoot photographer, taking virtually no time to set up shots, but just hoping to capture a moment of beauty on the fly still using a cameraphone for the majority of shots.

Dan has recently acquired a DSLR camera with the intention to improve his portfolio but admits he is a novice and a long way from mastering the more complicated technology.

Along with satisfying peer recognition, Dan recently won the first photographic competition he had ever entered when one of his Instagram shots was chosen as the winner of Oldham Council’s Bloom and Grow 2014 competition.

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