Autumn Woodland Sunrise
Autumn Woodland Sunrise

An early morning shot taken not long after sunrise in Autumn with the sun shining through the trees at Tandle Hill Country Park bathing the trees and forest floor in a beautiful warming golden glow.

I’m a regular visitor to this Country Park as it is quite close to where I live and was there early one October morning back in 2013 just taking a walk through the woods when I saw this wonderful light coming through the trees. This shot was actually taken on an iphone 4s which is the phone I had at the time.

I actually managed to win an award for this shot winning Oldham Council’s Bloom and Grow competition in 2014

Location Trivia:

Tandle Hill was originally part of the township of Thornham – part of the extensive parish of Middleton. It was used as a meeting place for radicals in the 19th century. In the period leading up to the Peterloo massacre it was said that it had been used by radicals for practising marching and drilling.

Tandle Hill Country Park, Royton, Oldham, England, OL2 5UX
October 2013

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