A rare young White Highland Cow relaxing

A shot of a rare young white highland cow taken on a visit to Lyme Park, near Disley, Greater Manchester in November 2019.

I’m a big fan of these cattle and had made the trip to Lyme Park with the express intention of getting some photographs of these magnificent creatures.

There are more of the usual rusty brown examples of the breed in the park and whilst I also got shots of them, it was nice to get a picture of one of the more rare white coated cattle.

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Part of the National Trust’s major long-term conservation project, the highland cattle at Lyme Park will increase the diversity of grassland plants and wildlife across 1400 acres.

Importantly, the cattle will also graze dry grass in an effort to try to reduce the risk of fire, such as the one that broke out five weeks ago, destroying 15 hectares of moorland, home to several species of bird such as lapwing, curlew and skylarks and mammals including red deer and hares. 

Chris Dunkerley, Lead Ranger at Lyme said: “Cattle have been grazed at Lyme seasonally in the past through agreements with local farmers, but this is the first time that these distinctive, docile animals will be living in the park year-round. 

“Unlike other breeds, they are perfectly adapted to the harsh winter conditions of the moorland area, which they will be roaming in alongside Lyme’s famous historic herd of red deer.”

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