Close up of young Highland Cattle cow, just poking its tongue out
Who are Moo?

An extreme close up of a very friendly and very inquisitive young Highland Cattle Cow on Baslow Edge in the Peak District.

I had visited the area early one morning with the intention of capturing some shots of these wonderful animals and was lucky enough to find a small group of around 5 or 6 who were happily grazing close to the edge of Baslow Edge.

This particular one took a keen interest in me and kept trying to get it’s tongue in my coat pocket although I had nothing in there other than a pair of gloves.

They are really friendly and inquisitive and it is great to see them back on the edge after it looked as though their presence was under threat earlier in the year following an altercation with a dog walker.

Location Trivia

Wellington’s Monument on Baslow Edge Wellington’s monument can be found on Baslow edge, standing high above the village of Baslow. It is dedicated to the Duke of Wellington and a celebration of his victory at the battle of Waterloo in 1815. It was erected by a local. called Dr Wrench, who as an army man, felt the need to counterbalance the memorial dedicated to Admiral Nelson on nearby Birchen Edge.

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