Ferris Wheel on Blackpool's Central Pier at sunset
All the fun of the fair

I had a day off work in mid December 2019 and with the weather forecast showing a beautiful day across the North West I decided to take a trip to Blackpool which is only about an hour from home.

After spending the morning and early part of the afternoon at nearby Lytham St Annes, I headed for Blackpool to get some shots of the sunset at the resort’s famous piers.

I have fond memories of the North West seaside resort both from day trips as a child or to see the world famous Illuminations and eevn trip to the Pleaseure Beach to go on the rollercoasters, such as Revolution and The Big one.

Blackpool is also the place where I got my first real job, working at the town’s famous football club for 3 and a half years in my early 20s after leaving Uni. I had some great times and met some great people.

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